Celebrating 44 Years of Excellence

In 1979, Barbara Hanna, agency President, started to provide temporary nursing staff for hospitals in Northern California. A short time later, she began to receive calls from community members asking her for assistance in caring for their loved ones at home. Understanding that people preferred to be at home while recuperating, rather than in the hospital, she founded Home Health Care Management, Inc.

Dr. Hanna graduated from California State University, Chico in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She has worked in a variety of health care settings, including acute care hospitals, adult day health care centers and home health. She has also taught nursing and allied health at Butte Community College as well as administration of long term care at California State University, Chico.

She is a nationally certified case manager and has a lifetime teaching credential. In 2002, she was selected by the Centers for Disease Control to be a CDC/ASPH Institute Scholar for HIV Prevention Leadership in Atlanta, GA. She has worked on a statewide advisory panel for UCSF and the “California Twenty-First Century Workforce Project’ as well as a founding member of the Olmstead Advisory Group for the State of California; now known as the Disability and Aging Community Living Advisory Committee. Dr. Hanna enjoys working collaboratively with other agencies and organizations. She is skilled at partnering with diverse groups and organizations with varying purposes and roles to enhance and expand services in the community.

Dr. Hanna has a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership from the University of California, Davis. Her research focused on Home Health care referrals and outcomes in patients hospitalized with heart failure in California.


Sometimes, the best care is Home Care. In almost all cases, one of the best places to recuperate from an illness or injury is in your own home. This is especially true if professional help is available to guide and train both the client and/or their caregivers in self-care of the health condition. An individual recovering from physical illness or incapacitation of some type can find comfort and encouragement in familiar surroundings. Whether recently being discharged from a hospital or when a person requires one or more forms of health care such as nursing, therapy, or referrals to community resources they can count on Home & Health Care Management (HHCM). Clients may also need assistance with independent activities of daily living such as transportation, meal preparation, housekeeping, or require help with bathing and dressing to remain in their own home; Home & Health Care Management is able to meet those needs.

HHCM is continually developing innovative and broad-based programs of client orientated services, designed to promote recovery and healing. In addition, our agency works with multiple state and federal programs to maintain those individuals living with long term chronic illnesses to remain safely in their home vs. being institutionalized in a hospital setting. We are skilled in assisting individuals transitioning from hospital care back to living in the community (transitional care).

Our founder is a Registered Nurse working with a team of caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff who are committed to providing quality health care services. It is our sincere hope that through our programs and services more individuals will be able to return and/or remain living at home safely, for as long as possible.


It is our mission to provide innovative, professional, quality case management, wellness, and home health care services to the communities we serve in California in a caring, cost-effective manner.


To establish Home & Health Care Management as the premier Case Management and Home Care entity in Northern California while maintaining our values as we grow.

We Value

Innovation in the newest health care procedures, products and treatments, using technology to assist in maintaining a client’s independence and yet provide the necessary support for managing their health condition. We constantly strive for finding creative ways to solve tough problems. We challenge ourselves to see what’s possible to better, improve and meet the needs of our team, clients, and company.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork is essential in creating an environment where we support the client, their family and our staff in meeting their physical, spiritual and mental health needs. We value the multifaceted skills of our staff as we work collaboratively as a team to ensure the clients’ needs are being met. Clear and consistent communication with all parties is essential to working successfully in a multidisciplinary team. Teamwork can help clients accomplish their goals and keep HHCM staff aligned toward a shared vision of success for everyone.

Dignity of the patient and their family is demonstrated by keeping their confidential private health information secure. We also honor the clients’ wishes by involving them in the development of a client centered care plan that includes cultural and religious preferences and lifestyle choices.

Diversity is valued in both staff that care for clients as well as those clients that the agency cares for. Acceptance of our differences without judgement honors and enriches the lives of both clients and staff.

Integrity in the workplace. We strive to do the right thing, even when we think no one is looking. We value honesty, hard work, transparency, and a commitment to doing what’s best for our clients, customers, teammates, and company.

Compassion. We care about providing a quality customer service experience to the clients and families we serve. We strive to improve the health and well-being of our customers. This value extends to include communities we live in and serve as well as our HHCM team members. Compassion is not an automatic response to another’s plight; it is a response that occurs only when the situation is perceived as serious, unjust and relatable. It requires a certain level of awareness, concern and empathy.

Growth of a company follows the professional growth of its employees. Valuing growth means that staff have the drive to continuously improve both themself and HHCM. Growth is based on mutual success. HHCM values growth in its staff and supports staff in their journey to gain additional training and education. The agency supports an environment that fosters personal and professional development. We value productivity that places an emphasis on the business’ output and focuses on improving individual employee capacity, effort, and skill.

Communication is important for every business’ success. Effective communication can help teams function, leaders’ express goals and employees understand expectations, while providing exemplary clinical services to our clients.

​CAHSAH Memb​ership

The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) is a nonprofit association representing California’s home care providers. Established in 1966, CAHSAH is one of the oldest and largest state home care associations with a long tradition of service dedicated to promoting quality home care and enhancing the effectiveness of the home care industry.

As CAHSAH members, we stay up-to-date on legislative efforts that effect home care, and lobby for measures that will improve cost-effectiveness and access to care to seniors and those living with disabilities.